Overlock and Coverstitch Needles

Overlock/Serger (10 Pieces Size 12/80) Needle by Organ
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Model - Overlock/Serger (10 Pieces Size 12/80) Needle by Organ

  • Model Number: ELX705CR #12. Selling in packet of 10. This needle is suitable for over lock (cover-stitch) machines, which make over lock, cover and safety stitches. Chromium finished for high performance, deep scarf, double grooved for a good thread tension. Not appropriate for normal domestic sewing machines. Used by big sewing machine brands like Brother and Janome in their serger/coverstitches factory testings. Not suitable for Singer overlock/coverstitches unless stated by Singer that they use ELX705 needles Suitable for sewing knits/cotton etc. Promotion: Buy 8 mixed specialty packets(such as Jeans, Microtex etc) and more, discounts off $0.90 per packet.