Overlock and Coverstitch Needles

Overlock/Coverstitches Organ Needles for Knits
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Model - Overlock/Coverstitches Organ Needles for Knits

Model Number: ELx705 CR SUK #90/14 and #80/12
Needles ORGAN ECO Pack ELx705 CR SUK - high-quality needles for sewing machines. Original from Japan.
ORGAN Eco Pack ELx705 CR SUK needles - needles with a chrome-plated coating (prevents rapid heating of the needle), have a special tip shape that allows the looper to form the correct stitch, avoiding gaps. Used for knitted fabrics. They are supplied in Eco-packaging, the flasks of the needles are painted in different colors depending on the purpose of the needle.

Each pkt contains 5 pcs

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