Sewing Table for 1 Sewing Machine and 1 Serger

(New and Improved!)Beautiful Space 2.0
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Model - (New and Improved!)Beautiful Space 2.0

(Machines and accessories shown in display picture or video are not included)

(With bigger table top space(good for cutting fabric on top) than Beautiful.Space 1.0 and slightly different storage layout, more space to store. Suitable for people with big sewing space ) with (Dimensions 175cm(Length) x 100cm(Width)x 80cm(Height) when expanded. When closed, is 75cm(Length) x 100cm(Width)x 80cm(Height)).

Available in Oak,white and Teak Colour

Delivery charges to doorstep and GST included, no agent fee required.

Optional Customized insert(according to your machine specs) is available at additional $68.

1year warranty on the lifter covered by Ghim Soon.

Table featured here(see video below):

Facts about these tables:

1. Can check out how does the extendable table looks like here:

2. When you receive the table, below will tell you what you should receive and how to prepare the table for your sewing machines:

3. The dimensions of the sewing machine hole of Beautiful.Space Sewing Table 1.0, 2.0,4.0,5.0,8.0,9.0 are 58cm x 32cm. .

4. Height limit of sewing machine resting on lifter should only be 32cm

5. Dimensions limit of the serger space inside the Beautiful.Space Sewing Table 1.0, 2.0 is 32cm(length) x 45cm(width) x 32cm(height)when the front of serger is placed facing inside the table. Dimension limits of the serger space inside Beautiful.Space Sewing Table 4.0 is 34cm(length) x 45cm(width) x 42 cm(height).
6. Weight limit of sewing machine on lifter should only be around 15kg. If your machine is heavier, the lifter can still work , just that it will raise at a slower pace. Verify your machine model with us to confirm.
7. The dark acrylic insert will be customized to only 1 of the sewing machine to be put on lifter . Thus, inform us your machine model you wish to put there. If we do not have the measurements
8. Wheels of tables can be locked so it will be stable when you sew.
9.. The Tables are made of compressed wood.
10. The warranty of only the lifter is 1 year.
11. Suitable for all sewing machine models. Check with us for more details!