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Model - DS-6AC

Automatic single needle machine for both plain and crepe tape sealing of filled bags. The machine will start and stop automatically by a micro-switch lever, aid by the action of the bag being fed into the machine. The machine will stop after the bag passes through, cutting the thread/crepe-tape automatically at the same time. A built-in guillotine type cutter is driven by solenoid operated cutter actuating box. Model DS-6AC is similar to Model Ds-6 except with built-in air cylinder operated guillotine type cutter and is recommended where compressed air supply is available.

Head Models DS-6AC
Revolution (rpm) 1,400
Stitch range (mm) 7~10.5
Oiling system Manual
Needle DRX2 #25
Thread 20/6,20/9
Cutter Pneumatic